Sigmund Orlovsky

Sigmund is an emissary of house Orlovsky. He seeks opportunities to expand their influence in the Stolen Lands. He also seeks arcane knowledge and opportunities to bring order and law to lands plagued by chaos and strife.


Lvl 1 Human Summoner

STR: 10
DEX: 11
CON: 11
INT: 13
WIS: 11
CHA: 20

HP: 8
Initiative: +0
AC: 13 (FF: 13, Touch: 10)
Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +2
BAB: 0, CMB: 0, CMD: 11
Spell DC: 15 + spell level
Spells per day: unlimited lvl 0, one lvl 1

• 0 Guidance
• 0 Acid Splash
• 0 Daze
• 0 Resistance
• 1 Magic Fang
• 1 Shield

• Diplomacy: 11
• Handle Animal: 9
• Knowledge (Planes): 5
• Spellcraft: 5
• Use Magic Device: 9

• Spell Focus (Conj) – +1 DC conj spells
• Augment Summon – summon +4 str & con

• Bonus feat and skill rank at level 1
• Bonus skill rank every level

CLASS ABILITIES (1st level):
• Cantrips – four 0 lvl at will spells
• Eidolon – see below
• Life Link – sacrifice HP for eidolon
• Summon Monster I – 8x per day, creatures remain for 10 rounds

• Ease of Faith – Diplomacy is class skill, +1 Diplomacy
• Orlovsky – +1 CMD, +1 Diplomacy

(coming soon)

MODRON – lvl 1 Biped Eidolon

STR: 16
DEX: 12
CON: 13
INT: 7
WIS: 10
CHA: 11

HP: 11
INIT: +1
AC: 13 (FF: 12, Touch: 11)
Fort +2, Ref +0, Will +2
BAB: 1

• Darkvision
• link – Summoner and Eidolon can communicate telepathically and share magic item slots
• Share Spells – Any “self” spells can be cast on Eidolon

• Climb 4
• Swim 4
• Fly 2
• Escape Artist 2

• Weapon Focus – unarmed

• Slam instead of claws
• Reach
• Increased Damage

ATTACKS: Slam +5, reach 2, 1D8+4 Damage


Sigmund was born a low-ranking noble in House Orlovsky. Even in his early years he was handsome and charming. But his charm and good looks concealed an eclectic, curious mind. Sigmund eventually turned to philosophy. He was interested in learning how humans maintained civilizations that allowed for lives of luxury like his own, while lesser creatures (like goblins, or even wild animals) lived in constant hunger and war. He concluded that laws and order were what separated men from beasts.

When he was 18, he met a fellow philosopher named Johan who also dabbled in the arcane arts, specifically the study of other planes and the summoning of creatures from those planes. Sigmund was fascinated to learn of the myriad of planes, and wondered if there was a plane that embodied his passions: logic, order and rules. After much research and practice, he found that there was an obscure plane called Mechanus that was just what he was looking for. Sigmund practiced and trained til he was finally able to summon a creature from that plane and forge a powerful bond with it. A bizarre creature with an ever-shifting clockwork body, he calls it Modron.

Though Sigmund is charming, others in House Orlovsky don’t entirely approve of his eclectic studies or his strange companion. He is the subject of much gossip, in his own house and in others. So when it came time to choose one of their number to represent House Orlovsky in the untamed lands to the south, Sigmund was chosen. He was chosen for his talents and loyalty, but also because he would be less of an embarrassment to his house miles away in the wilderness.

Sigmund Orlovsky

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