Uriel Galinov

An Inquisitor of Gorum, Uriel has made it his personal goal to root out and destroy the bandits surrounding Brevoy's lands


Level: 6

Class: Inquisitor

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

STR: 18

DEX: 13

CON: 10

INT: 9

WIS: 18

CHA: 13

BAB: +4

HP: 38


Masterwork Greatsword 1 to hit, 2D63 damage, Crit 19-20 X2

Masterwork Longbow +1 to hit, 1D8 damage, Crit 20 x3


Masterwork Scalemail +5 AC, -3 Armor check penalty


Uriel was abandoned as a youth when his parents took sick and died on the frontier of The Greenbelt. He was taken in by a small church dedicated to several martial aspects including Gorum, the god of battle.

As a youth Uriel was trained to fight and to channel divine magics for the struggle against unsavory elements in the Stolen Lands. Being on the frontier was a dangerous place sometimes and bandit raids were frequent. He helped defend the small keep-like abbey aginst several attacks.

Now that he is of the proper age and his training is complete, Uriel has taken on the mantle of an Inquisitor of Gorum. Bringing steel, spell, and swift retribution upon the evildoers of The Stolen Lands.

Uriel Galinov

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