• "Crooked" Heartmantle

    "Crooked" Heartmantle

    The dwarf known as "Crooked" got his name from his moral compass as well as his hunchbacked appearance. Raised in and around various cut-throat bandit gangs, Crooked was born again in the purer faith of the Grey Master of Thieves.
  • Dainty Swallow

    Dainty Swallow

    Swallow came back from her monastic training curiously silent, but fully able to put her foot through your throat in the blink of an eye.
  • Gramps


    Gramps is not a grandfather. It's a family name, ok? leave him alone about it already!
  • High Priest Elthilen

    High Priest Elthilen

    Elthilen, the half elf, when not on Official Religious Business, is typically clad in the simple clothing of those that work the land. He keeps his light brown hair shoulder length easily held behind his ears. And keeps himself relatively clean and tidy.
  • Ilya Anatolyevich

    Ilya Anatolyevich

    An elven ranger from the frontier
  • Sigmund Orlovsky

    Sigmund Orlovsky

    Sigmund is an emissary of house Orlovsky. He seeks opportunities to expand their influence in the Stolen Lands. He also seeks arcane knowledge and opportunities to bring order and law to lands plagued by chaos and strife.
  • Uriel Galinov

    Uriel Galinov

    An Inquisitor of Gorum, Uriel has made it his personal goal to root out and destroy the bandits surrounding Brevoy's lands
  • Varick Grayborne

    Varick Grayborne

    A quick-witted halfling bard who is eager to sing of (and perhaps participate in) epic tales of daring and heroism.