Adventure Log

30 Calistril 4710 (late winter)
Arrival at Oleg’s Trading Post
The group arrived at Oleg’s, only to discover that the trader and his wife Svetlana were routinely forced to give their goods to a local group of bandits. The bandits were due to arrive again the very next day.

1 Pharast 4710 (early spring)
The Tables Turned
The bandits, led by a hooded man named Happs Bydon, showed up at the trading post looking for Oleg under the guise of wanting to do business with him. Varick distracted the bandits with a song, while a few others snuck out from their hiding places. The battle was quick and decisive, with only one bandit fleeing. Ilya followed him for several hours, tracking the villain to a bandit camp at a ford.

2 Pharast 4710
The Exploration Begins
The group set out to explore and map the Greenbelt, as per their charter, making their way south toward the bandit camp.

3 Pharast 4710
Kobolds and Moon Radishes
Upon entering the nearby forest, the group encountered a handful of kobolds who had gorged themselves on moon radishes. There was some attempt at diplomacy, but the mistrustful kobolds fled with two baskets of their radish harvest. But not before telling Sigmund that “nasty mites from the old sycamore tree” had taken their “magic statue.”

4 Pharast 4710
Bandit Camp at the Ford
Deeper into the forest, the group assaulted the bandit camp under the cover of night. They didn’t keep the element of surprise for long, as some bandits were waiting in nearby trees for them. Eventually, however, the group triumphed and took Kressle, their leader, captive. Questioning her, they learn of the Stag Lord, who has a fort to the south. Kressle agreed to betray the Stag Lord in exchange for her life when the group is ready to take him on.

5 Pharast 4710
Gold in Them Thar Hills
Three of the group returns to Oleg’s Trading Post with Kressle (and much of the goods taken from the bandit camp). The others search out the mite lair under the large sycamore tree to the southeast. Leaving the forest and entering the hills to the east, the group discovers a hidden cave containing a rich vein of gold.

6 Pharast 4710
Mite Makes Wrong
The group draws close to the old sycamore tree, but ending up setting off a couple of traps apparently set by the mites. They eventually uncover a small hole leading to a series of caves under the tree. The warrens were filled with mites, some of them raising centipedes, others torturing a kobold captive. After rescuing the kobold Mikmek and defeating the mite leader, they claimed the small amount of treasure the mites stole from the bandits, including a sacred statue belonging to Mikmek’s tribe. However, in the battle, Uriel and Dainty Swallow caught a nasty disease from a giant cave tick.

7 – 9 Pharast 4710
Return and Rest and Recuperation
Wounded and diseased, the group slowly made their way back to Oleg’s Trading Post, stopping first at the bandit camp. Over the few days, Uriel managed to shake off the red ache, but Dainty Swallow still has it. During the time the first group was away, a few members of the Restov militia arrived, along with a man named Petrov, who joined the chartered explorers. A cleric of Erastil named Jhod Kavken showed up on his own to tell of a vision he had of an overgrown temple guarded by an insane bear.

10 Pharast 4710
The Hermit’s Hut
Some of the group set out east, to find a hermit who occasionally sold potions to Oleg’s Trading Post, in hopes to find a cure for Dainty Swallow’s red ache. Bokken, the hermit, could not help them, but sold them a few healing potions and asked them to gather a sack full of fangberries from a thicket to the southwest.

11 Pharast 4710
Along Came a Spider
Traveling south from Bokken’s hut toward the Sootscale caverns, the group spotted a monstrous trapdoor spider in the hills and decided to attack it. They found a recently killed bandit in the spider’s lair, who held a crude map to a nearby treasure.

12 Pharast 4710
The Crooked Landmark
Following the map, the group found a dead tree shaped like a claw, and buried under its roots, a small cache of treasure that included a wizard’s spellbook.

13 Pharast 4710
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Continuing south toward the kobold caverns, the group came upon an old river crossing. Ringing the bell there, awakened a zombie who rose from the river. The undead creature was defeated after a challenging battle, but it seemed to lay a curse upon Petrov, haunting the man’s dreams.

14 Pharast 4710
Power Struggle Among the Kobolds
Finally arriving at the Sootscale tribe, who have taken up their home in an old human silver mine, the group returned the sacred idol to the chieftain, who promptly smashed it. Which promptly lead to a fight with the shaman. Finally free of the influence of the tribe’s cruel shaman, the kobolds promised an alliance with the group.

15-16 Pharast 4710
Back at the Post
The traveling group returns to Oleg’s Trading Post to resupply.

17-19 Pharast 4710
Setting Out Again
The traveling group heads to explore the eastern portion of the Greenbelt, not finding much but flat plains, until…

20 Pharast 4710
Trio of Trolls
As the group mapped out a bend in the Shrike River, they spotted three massive trolls demolishing a small stand of trees. They wisely beat a hasty retreat.

21 Pharast 4710
Where Rivers Meet
Following the Shrike River, the group came across the place where the Thorn River emptied into the Shrike. Luckily, the Thorn was quite shallow at this point.

22 Pharast 4710
Troubled Bridge Over Water
Deciding to traverse up the Thorn, they came to a spot where the river flowed in a channel between two hills. A rickety bridge crossed the gap, but it stayed together long enough for the group to traverse it. On the other side, they met a hunter named Antov, who pointed them in the direction of the ferocious boar Tuskgutter’s lair.

23 Pharast 4710
What a Boar
The traveling group found an overturned tree that served as Tuskgutter’s lair. After luring the old beast out, they produced to pound it into the ground.

24-25 Pharast 4710
A Great Feast
The group brought the boar’s corpse back to Oleg’s for a grand feast. Antov was there, and praised them for their hunting prowess.

26 Pharast 4710
Once More Into the Wilds
This time, the traveling group headed out to the west.

27 Pharast 4710
Shut Yer Traps
Exploring the woods, the group discovered a glade full of bear traps. A little too late for Sigmund Orlovsky, who ended up on the receiving end of one the buggers. After tending to the summoner’s injuries, the group marked the traps in case they needed to return to this area.

28 Pharast 4710
An Unmarked Grave
Spotting a fingerbone protruding from a small rockslide, the group uncovered the months-old body of a barbarian of the Tiger Lords, who usually roam further to the west. They recovered a distinctive ring on the body and gave it a proper burial.

29-30 Pharast 4710
More Plains
Not much to say here, more rolling plains.

1 Gozran 4710 (mid spring)
The Trapper Becomes the Trapee
As the month changes, the group discovers the spring that feeds the Thorn River. Nearby is another corpse, this one much fresher than the last. The body was that of a trapper who fell victim to one of his own traps, but evidence pointed toward sabotage. That evening, the group is plagued by a troublesome invisible trickster.

2 Gozran 4710
Whose Homes Are These?
Continuing along the Thorn River again, the group spots a couple of strange nests high in a tree along the river banks. It is suggested that they might belong to tiny fey creatures, possibly the ones that have been playing pranks on them.

3 Gozran 4710
The Temple of the Elk
The group finds the nearly hidden ruins of a temple to Erastil spoken of by the traveling cleric Jhod Kavken. It is indeed guarded by an mad bear. Once the bear is killed, life seems to return to the site. Also, the fey tricksters accidentally break a string on Varick Grayborne’s mandolin.

4 Gozran 4710
Pretty Easy Being Green
The group comes across a smelly mud pool that is the headwaters of the Skunk River. Lounging in the pool are two giant frogs, which the group decides to leave be.

5 Gozran 4710
Making Friends
The night after mapping another area of plains, the fey seem to offer an apology to Varick and the group with a display of tiny fireworks. The next morning, Varick finds a number of small trinkets in the shape of musical instruments in his bag.

6-7 Gozran 4710
A Long Journey Ends
The traveling group returns once more to Oleg’s Trading Post after more than a week in the wilds.

8-9 Gozran 4710
And Another Begins
The latest traveling group sets out to explore the western part of the Greenbelt.

10 Gozran 4710
A Forgotten Statue
Just next to the remains of an old hunting lodge, the group finds a statue of Erastil. After cleaning off the moss and lichens, that night the group has a brief dream of a giant white stag watching over them. When the awake, they find their bladed weapons and arrows are considerably sharper for the next few days.

11 Gozran 4710
The Fairy and the Frog
Fording the Skunk River in this area, Sigmund is greeted by what appears to be a little girl lost in the woods. As he is about to give her a ride across the river, he realizes all is not what it seems, and with help from one of Gramps’s spells, the group sees the girl’s true form: a grig. After warning them of the “mean slimy green man” up ahead, the grig flies off. Later, the group finds a lone boggard with a mangled hand. After establishing a line of communication of sorts, they learn that the boggard, Garuum, escaped from his tribe after a failed coup for power. He bargains with them for some gems if they can get him some big dragonflies near the source of the Skunk River.

12 Gozran 4710
Bug Hunt
It isn’t difficult for the group to find the mud pool that is the source of the Skunk River, as they had seen it before. Again, not wanting to hurt the frogs living there, Gramps puts them to sleep, while they quickly grab enough juicy dragonflies for a boggard feast. They return to Garuum, who graciously gives them his gems. He also tells them about the tatzlwyrms downriver.

13 Gozran 4710
The Wyrm Turns
At a bend in the river, the group finds a small lair that nearly fords the waterway. Carefully approaching the one tatzlwyrm that was sleeping on a bank in the river, another one crawls forth from the water and a fight began! The group took out the two dragons quickly and made off with their heads.

14 Gozran 4710
An Unfortunate Death
Continuing to search the forest, the group discovers a place where small animals and birds seemed to avoid. Beside some moldering plants was the corpse of a unicorn, its horn sheared off. They found no sign of death, except for a faint lingering aura of necromantic magic.

15 Gozran 4710
A Unicorn’s Funeral
Taking the body to the statue of Erastil just a few miles to the north, the group held a solemn burial rite.

16 Gozran 4710
Near the edge of the forest to the east, the group finds a brush thylacine in a 20-foot pit. As it barked and yipped, the group drags a fallen branch to the pit in order to help it get free.

17 Gozran 4710
Spider Berries
In the hills, the group finds a large fangberry thicket covered in small spiderwebs. Remembering that Bokken the hermit uses fangberries in his potions, the group began to pick them. Unfortunately, this caused a swarm of chew spiders to billow forth from the webs. After a few moments of fire and acid, the swarm was dissipated, and the berry picking resumed.

18-19 Gozran 4710
Wolf Among the Sheep
As the traveling group delivers fang berries to Bokken and travelers arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post, strange things begin to happen in the night. Wolf howls and mutilated animal corpses. On the second night, the guard posted outside the fort vanishes, only to be found dead the next morning. Some of the group left for Restov to do some trading, leaving behind Ilya, Varick, Elth, Crooked, and Dainty to solve the problem.

20 Gozran 4710
The Third Night
After some investigation, the group suspects a Kellid barbarian named Kundal of being a werewolf. They do not allow him to leave the fort. As the moon rises, Kundal changes into a bestial thing and attacks. They put him down, shackle him, and throw him in a pit until morning. Unfortunately, Kundal managed to bite a few members of the group, and now they wonder if some of them have lycanthropy.

21 Gozran 4710
Race For the Cure
Seeking a possible cure for lycanthropy (for themselves and Kundal), the group visits Bokken once again. The hermit tells that that without powerful magics, doses of wolfsbane, a poison, might help to remove the affliction.

22-23 Gozran 4710
Wolfsbane Hunt
The group travels out into northern Narlmarches searching for wolfsbane. They find but one sprig during their trip. They are also pranked again during the night by their fey friends.

24 Gozran 4710
Finally showing himself, Perlivash the fae dragon, master of pranks, thanks the group for being such good sports and warns them that he will not be following them any further south. He also tells them to be careful of Tiressia and her tree, who are nearby. Before they can ask any more questions, they are attacked by wandering ankheg!

25 Gozran 4710
Damsel in Distress
A few miles east, the group finds a sun-dappled glade, complete with oak tree, pool, and crying woman. The woman, wearing nothing but leaves and branches, calls herself Tiressia. She asks the group for help defeating an evil walking tree is terrorizing the nearby forest. She is afraid that the evil tree might find and attack her glade.

26-27 Gozran 4710
Return to the Fort
Tasked with yet another quest, the group returns to Oleg’s Trading Post.

28-29 Gozran 4710
Meeting of the Minds
With the entire group at Oleg’s Trading Post, and with a charter from the Swordlords of Restov to finally take down the Stag Lord, a plan is formed. They set out with Kressle and a crate full of booze.

30 Gozran 4710
Taking Down the Stag Lord
Using Kressle as cover, the group makes it inside the Stag Lord’s fort and stage an ambush. Little do they know that the Stag Lord’s men has a captive owlbear. After a prolonged fight, and a bandit switching sides, the group prevails and loots the fort.

1 Desnus (Late Spring) 4710
The Shores of Lake Tuskwater
The group spends the next day exploring the area north of the lake.

2-3 Desnus 4710
The Coffers Full
The group returns triumphantly to Oleg’s!

4-10 Desnus 4710
Much Needed Time Off
The entire group gathers their loot and liquidates it.

11-12 Desnus 4710
A New Charter
A envoy from Rostland arrives with a new charter to fully settle the Greenbelt, along with a wagon train of supplies and pioneers!

13-17 Desnus 4710
Waiting for the Moon
Before they begin creating their kingdom, the group wants to see who, if anyone, has been infected with lycanthropy. In the meantime, they move the wagons down to the Stag Lord’s fort to create their capital city.

18-20 Desnus 4710
The Howling
The group prepares for possible werewolves. Crooked and Dainty seemed to have fought off the infection before it took root, but Varick is not so lucky. After a night in chains as a werewolf, Varick decides to try a cure that might kill him: wolfsbane. It nearly does, but the next night, he doesn’t undergo the change.

21-30 Desnus 4710
A New Kingdom Rises
Work begins on a brand-new kingdom, christened Stagfall!

Sarenith 4710 (early summer)
The First Hurdle
During the first full month of Stagfall’s existence, while workers clear the land around the Stag Lord’s fort, zombies burst forth from the ground and attack! The group makes quick work of the undead menaces and assure the nearby folks that they will take care of them.

Erastus 4710 (mid summer)
Money Makes the World Go Round
The group realizes that they’ll need to put their own money into the kingdom if they want to keep it afloat. Two pioneers, Loy and Latricia Rezbin, ask the leaders of Stagfall if they might start building a city in the forest, near the ford where the tatzlwyrms laired.

Arodus 4710 (late summer)
For the second month in a row, Stagfall, and its new capital city of Applebee, turns a profit.

Rova 4710 (early fall)
The Plague Month
Stagfall continues to expand, but with growth comes trouble. A small plague breaks out in Applebee, but thanks to the kingdom’s stability, it is quickly contained and causes no loss of life.

19 Lamashan 4710 (mid fall)
A Missing Child
Amongst many stories of goings on in the kingdom, a boy named Tig Tannerson goes missing. Sigmund, Dainty, Varick, Uriel, and Petrov set out to find him. Rumors point to a hag called the Swamp Witch who lives on the western edge of the lake.

20-21 Lamashan 4710
Mistaken Identity
The group confronts the so-called Swamp Witch, only to find her an irritable old woman. An irritable old woman with magic powers and an animated scarecrow guardian, nonetheless. Which they learn when they try to barge into her cottage. Upset, she berates them, barely accepts their apologies and demands that they fetch her some black rattlecap mushrooms.

22-24 Lamashan 4710
On the Trail
Going back to Applebee, the group tries a more investigative approach, only to find lizardman tracks near where Tig disappeared. They follow the tracks southwest past the Candlemere and arrive at a small fortified lizardfolk village.

25-26 Lamashan 4710
Succeeding more on the diplomatic front, the group learns the lizardfolk have the captured Tig alive and well, on the behalf of an ancestral spirit, which turns out to be a particularly mean-spirited will-o-wisp. The group destroys the wisp and takes the boy back home, making a tenuous alliance with the lizardfolk.

27-28 Lamashan 4710
Candlemere Tower
The group gets back to mapping the southern Greenbelt, and explore the ruined tower on the island in the Candlemere. Something about it is unsettling.

29-30 Lamashan 4710
Mushroom Harvest
Exploring the other side of Tuskwater Lake, the group finds a bowl of mud heated by geothermal activity that is the perfect place to grow mushrooms. Unfortunately, it also the perfect place for a giant plant monstrosity known as a tendriculous. The fight crushes some of the mushrooms, but the group gathers 10 and takes them to Elga the Swamp Witch. Meanwhile, the kingdom begins flourishing again, despite sightings of trolls to the far south.

20 Neth 4710 (late fall)
The Narthropple Expedition
Along the Skunk River, Gramps, Ilya, Elthilen, and Crooked come across a band of gnome explorers whose horse cart is stuck in the mud and slowly slipping into the currents. Acting fast, they eventually rescue the ponies and make camp with Jubilost, the head of the expedition, and share maps with him.

21 Neth 4710
A Delicate Situation
Continuing along the river, the group stumbles into a tense situation. A group of loggers has cut down a couple of trees near a nixie’s pool, who is none too pleased. She has charmed a couple of those loggers and was threatening to force them fight each other. The group diffuses the problem by sending the loggers to another grove to the north and agrees to plant replacement trees for the nixie.

22-23 Neth 4710
Hodag Hunt
The group decides to hunt down the scythe tree that has been concerning a local dryad. On their way, the spot the tracks of an elusive hodag, or bull lizard. Knowing that a lumberjack from town lost his magic spear in the beast’s hide, they set off to kill the thing. They find its lair and dispatch it.

24 Neth 4710
Deeper into the forest, the group is surprised by the stealthy scythe tree, but cut the monstrosity down to size. They agree to return to the dryad to tell them of their victory.

25-26 Neth 4710
Good Relations with the Fey
The dryad, pleased with their success, gives the group some items, including feather tokens that can grow trees. The group immediately heads back to the nixie’s pool to replant her trees. Both fey seem happy to live within the new kingdom’s borders.

30 Neth 4710
Pier Pressure
Pooling the kingdom’s resources, a pier is built in Applebee. Troll sighting continue, but the public don’t seem to be too worried.

Kuthona 4710 (early winter)

Houses and Farms
The kingdom cultivates another farmland and builds some more houses in Applebee.

Abadius 4711 (mid winter)
Fair Trade
Applebee continues to expand, as a small neighborhood of tradesmen moves in.

15 Calistril 4711 (late winter)
Wolf Pack
As winter deepens, worg attacks to the east begin to increase in frequency. Crooked, Elthilen, Gramps, Petrov, and Uriel set out to put an end to the menace. And so they do!

16 Calistril 4711
The Lonely Barrow
Continuing to the east, the group spots a partially uncovered burial mound in an old hill. Investigating, they are attacked by bats and skeletons within! Deeper in the barrow, they find the animated corpse of an ancient warrior, whose blade saps their strength. Once they defeated the wight, they see that the blade is covered with flowery Sylvan script.

17-24 Calistril 4711
In The Hills
The group spends the next week mapping out the hills on their border and returning toward town via the Gurdin River.

25 Calistril 4711
Turtle Soup
Once back on the banks of the Tuskwater, they find Arven’s secret fishing hole and the terrapin menace that drove him out. Old Crackjaw, the cantankerous giant snapping turtle, doesn’t take kindly to the druid and lashes out, but soon he is that night’s dinner. As the group makes camp, they are found by a messenger from town.

26 Calistril 4711
Rabble Roused
With the others temporarily away, the group returns to find a man named Grigori stirring up anti-Stagfall sentiment. He has swayed a few handfuls of people to his side, denouncing the current government as ne’er-do-wells.

27 Calistril 4711
The Great Debate
After attempting to find more about Grigori, and learning that he is new to town, Uriel decides to try to win the people back with his own words. They are eloquent and inspiring, and Girgori leaves town that night. Crooked follows.

28-30 Calistril 4711
Good Fences
A fortifying wall is erected on the east edge of the town, quieting the remaining unrest from the townsfolk.

Pharast 4711 (early spring)
The Visitor
The onset of spring marks a visit from one of the Swordlords of Restov, who seems quite pleased with the kingdom’s growth. Applebee’s economy flourishes as a result.

Gozran 4711 (mid spring)
Castle Crusade
With the coffers full, the work to turn the Stag Lord’s fort into a full-fledged castle is finished.

14 Desnus 4711 (late spring)
Mad Man
Baron Sigmund and his retinue (Dainty, Petrov, Elthilen, and Ilya) set out to fetch baubles for his paramour. On their way, they encounter a lost old man, who claims to be a druid. They reluctantly take him along, but when they least expect it (or perhaps not), he and his pet puma attack. He is put down and captured, but they discover a locket that seems to contain a picture of Bokken’s mother.

15-16 Desnus 4711
The Dancing Lady
The group comes across the Murque River and follows it to its source. There they find an old ruined elven keep and proceed to explore it. Inside, they cross swords with evil fey, intent on drinking their blood and taking their skulls. Their leader calls herself “The Dancing Lady” and her entrancing moves nearly seal everyone’s doom.

17-30 Desnus 4711
You Can’t Fight It
A town hall is built within the city.

12-14 Sarenith 4711 (early summer)
A Cry for Help
Crooked, Gramps, Uriel, and Varick set out to explore the southeast hills. In their travels, they hear a strange cry for help coming from a ravine. While Varick and Uriel are suspicious, Crooked and Gramps seem compelled to assist, and are attacked by a wicked leucrotta. They mortally wound the beast and then track it to its lair to end it.

15-16 Sarenith 4711
Spider, Spider
The group continues southward, and notice a cave up on a bluff that is choked with webs. Fearing a threat of monstrous spiders, they set to burn out the cave. In fact, spiders do emerge, along with two ettercaps! The group makes quick work of the creatures.

17-18 Sarenith 4711
Night Howls
The group follows the river west back toward the Candlemere. One night, as they make camp near an abandoned ferry station, they are surrounded and attacked by crazed wolves.

19 Sarenith 4711
The Wandering Giant
Just south of the Candlemere, the group encounters a sad, drunk hill giant. They charm the monster Munguk and learn the location of lair of the trolls that have been menacing the kingdom. They then send him off toward Pitax to try to find a wife.

20-30 Sarenith 4711
Come On Inn
The group oversees the building of an inn and some new homes within Applebee.

Erastus 4711 (mid summer)
Blue Light Special
Applebee continues to grow with a general store and some more houses.

3 Arodus 4711 (late summer)
Going to the Chapel
To celebrate Stagfall’s first year, Baron Sigmund gets married! Of course, the bridge is kidnapped the night before and has to be rescued from a handful of man-hating cultists of Gyronna the Hag, but it all goes off without a further hitch.

4 Arodus 4711
And of course, the very next day, Sigmund, Dainty, Gramps, Ilya, Petrov, and Drugan the alchemist (remember him?) set off for adventure. Leaving the others to travel to Restov and sell off some goods cluttering up the castle.

5-6 Arodus 4711
King (and Queen) of the Forest
As they search for the troll’s lair, the group is accosted by a mated pair of forest drakes, who viciously attack. Thanks to some fancy horsework, the beasts are put down.

7-10 Arodus 4711
Troll Country
The group arrives at where they believe the trolls to be lairing: an abandoned dwarven fortress. They head back to town to gather the rest of the kingdom’s rulers and set up a camp a few miles away from the hillside proper. Soon, troll blood will be spilled!

11 Arodus 4711
Halfling Bait
Using the time-honored ploy of the smallest member of the group teasing the enemy into an ambush, Varick leads three trolls out of their lair onto the fields of battle. The others (Elthilen, Ilya, Petrov, and Uriel) stood waiting with their blades ready to take the trolls down!

12 Arodus 4711
Going In
The group takes a night’s rest to heal their wounds before moving in to the troll’s lair, an abandoned dwarven fortress. They seem to be scouted in the middle of the night, but not attacked. Back at the hills, a few of the group climb up through the hidden lookout tower, while others crash through the front door. They face off against another troll and three trollhounds, but dispatch them without too much difficulty. They discover a larder full of goods that could be used to bolster the kingdom’s economy, but suspiciously no more trolls.

13-15 Arodus 4711
Hidden Passages
After a few days of loading goods into wagons, Dainty, Gramps, Petrov, Uriel, and Varick notice some odd noises coming from behind one of the walls. Investigating, they find a secret passage that leads into some natural caves in the mountain. There they fight a rock troll, a two-headed troll, and Hargulka the troll leader.

16-18 Arodus 4711
Returning to Applebee, the group discovers that a large owlbear attacked the city, knocking down the one city wall! Many citizens were killed in the rampage, and after a short period, the beast moved on to the southeast. As they help to clean up the city, and before they can follow its tracks, news comes that more trolls are attacking the kingdom’s gold mine!

19-20 Arodus 4711
Troll Mine
A small group of trolls are beseiging the gold mine, but are swiftly dealt with by the group.

21-22 Arodus 4711
Tracking the Beast
The giant owlbear left such a trail of destruction that it is easy to follow. The tracks leads to a hillock to the southeast, the same outcropping where others fought ettercaps several months back, but on the windward side of the hill. Curious!

24 Arodus 4711
Den of the Fallen
Girding their loins, Dainty, Elthilen, Ilya, Sigmund, and Petrov enter the owlbear’s cave. The battle ambulatory mushrooms and shambling mounds of mulch before finally coming to the beast’s den. The monster is quickly dispatched, but they discover the corpse of its mate further within the cave, along with two dead cubs and one living one! They also discover the bodies of several warriors (who most likely killed the mate) and their leader dead within the cave. On the leader’s body is a map of the area, with the town of Applebee circled in red!

25-28 Arodus 4711
Kids Today
Ilya and Elthilen take the owlbear cub to the abandoned dwarven outpost, with the intention of caring for and raising it. However, while nursing it back to health, it lashes out against Ilya in a rage and cannot be calmed. The two soon realize that a ring that they looted from the leader’s corpse, a ring that they thought could help them charm the owlbear, is cursed!


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Adventure Log

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